Creating connected supply chains and supporting sustainable communities.



  1. Transparency
    We care about sourcing ethically and directly. We know the who, where, and how behind our growing and production. We will be publishing our first Transparency and Impact Report in 2019.

  2. Quality
    We guarantee clutter-free: organically grown, simple, clean ingredients, free of highly processed oils, sugars, grains, or additives.

  3. Opportunity
    We aim to promote relationship-driven supply chains. From the farm, to our Ugandan partners, to your hands, we hope to serve as the market connection - tying all the pieces together to encourage informed and creative consumption.


Who We Are


Our Mission
Amazi is a mindful food company whose mission is to inspire local agricultural value chains and catalyze economic growth through the sales of healthy products. We believe that paving a pathway from the rich agricultural sector to marketable, processed products will address issues of unemployment, food waste, and poverty in rural farming communities. Hand-crafted in partnership with local processors, every bite you take supports Direct Trade and protects Organic farm practices, promotes local businesses, and creates job opportunities. 


Our Story
Our company was officially founded in April 2016, but has been a dream for years. After studying the entrepreneurial environment in Uganda, our founder, Renee, was struck by the high degree of entrepreneurship, yet perplexed by the endless piles of tomatoes, plantains, bananas - stand after stand; the incredible hustle and simultaneous stagnation of the local marketplace. There was a persistent lack of business growth, employment opportunities, and variety in product offerings. 


Issues of competition, waste, and unemployment inspired Renee to explore the possibilities of AgriProcessing - adding value to natural resources - to provide growth avenues for entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, and farmers alike. Combined with her passion for healthy snacking, she was driven to team up with local, organic-certified manufacturers to transform Uganda's best tropical fruits into wholesome, clutter-free snacks.


Our Purposeful Process


Step 1: 


Source from Farmers Groups

Farmers cooperatives are organized and trained in Direct Trade and Organic farming practices by local extension services teams. Predetermined shares of their harvests - many of which had previously gone unsold and wasted - are then purchased by our suppliers at agreed-upon prices. 

Organizing farmers groups is no easy feat and is an ongoing educational process. Local Extension Services Teams are committed to not only ensuring farmers meet specific organic farming requirements, but also take the time to offer trainings throughout the year on pricing, record-keeping, governance, environmental impact, and more. Trainings are structured to empower farmers groups to eventually operate under these standards on their own.

Step 2:

Process to Perfection

After product is picked by our farmers groups, our Ugandan partners and their team of Quality Control and Food Science experts hand-slice, dry, and small-batch roast our products to perfection - adhering to specific standards of taste, texture, and overall quality. Products are then carefully packaged and prepared for their long journey to you.

Given that we work with natural product, some degree of variation is expected in terms of color and size. These are hand-crafted products, in their true natural state. No bag will be exactly identical, but you can be sure that the quality standard will be. 

Step 3:

You Devour. We Develop.

Curated just for you, our packaged goodies directly support the growth of farmers cooperatives and businesses in Uganda with every purchase. The more you buy, the more we can expand our farmers network, extend Direct Trade practices, support communities, and create opportunities for local players in the emerging supply chain. 

Not only do we pay for products and farmer trainings through our purchases, but a portion of our payments also goes directly to a Community Development Fund Premium. Our farming cooperatives have the opportunity to allocate this funding toward community projects of their choosing.