Feature: Gerald Ssemyalo

For the first installment of our feature series, we are pleased to present gentle Gerald! His heart is filled with enthusiasm for his extension services work at our supplying company, but don't let us tell you - read on and get to know Gerald.

Gerald in action, training our farmers on bookkeeping practices.

Gerald in action, training our farmers on bookkeeping practices.

Name: Gerald Ssemyalo
Age: 27
Job Title: Extension Services Manager
Favorite Food: Rice, chicken, and french beans
Hobbies: Love traveling and making new friends.

Tell us about your role!
I plan, develop, organize, and evaluate training programs in various organic farming practices (pest control, fertilization, handling) and social and environmental responsibility. I oversee and monitor the buying of fresh fruit for each order, and train internal inspectors in teaching techniques and methods of evaluation. I also analyze farmer inspection data and plan activities to overcome any shortfalls in compliance. 

What is your favorite aspect of this role?
Planning and developing training with our Organic small holder farmers all around Uganda. Working with people! Having worked as a social worker for 2 years in a charity organization where we helped get children off from the streets, rehabilitate them, and later resettle them with family promoted my ability to work with people of different backgrounds.

What do you feel your impact is in this role?
I have created awareness on the benefits of Organic Farming to many individuals around the country.

What have you learned in your 2 years in this job?
I have broadly learned and embraced as a youth that farming is the only way to earn a living, and I have been exposed to different ways of farming. It makes me excited about the future.

What inspired you to get involved in AgriProcessing?
I have always loved to work with food. I learned how to bake cakes at an early age so that has always been my passion to work with what we eat, and now, excitingly healthy foods!