Feature: Sylver Ainemukama

Our third installment of our feature series presents Sylver - a recently hired membered of our supplier's extension services team. Read on to get to know him!

Sylver striking a pose outside of his office.

Sylver striking a pose outside of his office.

Name: Sylver Ainemukama
Age: 22
Job Title: Extension Services Specialist
Favorite food: Matooke and fish
Hobbies: Watching football (soccer!) on television

Tell us about your current role!
I train and inspect our farmers, report any organic non-compliance to our internal compliance surveyors, and help in new farmer registrations as we expand into new farmers networks.

What experience did you have prior to joining the Extension Services team?
I would actively participate in agricultural clubs during schooling as well as guiding different localities about their farming practices.

What is your favorite aspect of your role?
I love knowing that I enhance more production of organic fruits from farmers through quality extension services and education, and that this leads to more profits to our company.

What do you feel your impact is in this role?
With regular farm visits, we enable sustainable incomes to our farmers, and help them adopt smart farming practices. This allows more production for our company as well.

What have you learned?
I've learned to be a good time manager, to be punctual in my activities as well as cooperating with my extension manager, taking all directives and assignments given to me.

What inspired you to get involved in AgriProcessing?
Agriprocessing is important because it reduces fruit spoilage in villages, adds value to our foods as well as nutrients, and employment opportunities are created.