Feature: Isaac Buwembo

For the fourth installment of our Feature series, we present: Isaac Buwembo. He is the newest member of our supplying company's Quality Control team. We work very closely with Quality Control - having gone through many phases of product development, we are in constant communication, sharing your feedback on texture, taste, and more. Thanks to Isaac and his coworkers, you can count on a satisfying crunch every time you dig into a bag of Amazi!

 Borrowing Isaac's attention for a moment...

 Borrowing Isaac's attention for a moment...

Name: Isaac Buwembo
Age: 22
Job Title: Quality Controller
Favorite Food: Rice
Hobbies: Football (both watching and playing - and he means Soccer!), reading novels

Tell us about yourself and what you did before your current position.
I am hardworking, punctual, and a team player. I am God-fearing and trustworthy. I have just completed my degree in food science and technology. Previously, I have worked at UCDA, OLAM (U) LTD - I was a research assistant for a world fish organization project.

What is your current role, and why do you feel your job is important?
I am a quality controller. In food processing for consumers to love and be loyal to a product, they need to get assurance that the product is top quality. My job is to ensure that. 

What is your favorite part of the job?
I love everything about my job!

What have you learned from working in this role?
This job has gotten me into contact with people from various backgrounds, thus improving my interpersonal skills. I have learned more about fruit and vegetable processing, specifically drying fruits and vegetables.

What are your goals for the future?
I want to advance in my profession as a food scientist, therefore I hope in the future I can enroll for further studies. I also want to have a great impact at this company, so I hope to advance in the roles I play so that I can have a direct effect on the company's growth.

What inspired you to get involved in AgriProcessing?
I developed my love for food and food preparation in high school. This was further nurtured during university where I studied food science and technology. During this time I got to admire, understand, and appreciate the principles of food processing.