Store Feature Friday: The Common Market

This week we present The Common Market!

The Common Market is a natural and organic food cooperative that carries a diverse selection of local foods and those hard to find dietary specialty preferences.

Frederick, Maryland

Who's behind the scenes?
Tim Boyenton, grocery buyer

What is your mission?
The Common Market measures its success through a three-tiered bottom line, relating to social, economic, and environmental development.

We believe that a business should be an aiding contributor to the local community and a caring community in and of itself.

We make a conscious effort to give back to our growing community in numerous ways to demonstrate our gratitude for our community’s support. Customers can expect a business that shares their values.

Why do you carry Amazi
The reason we carry Amazi products is because of the core values. Amazi is a local company that has a straightforward mission: it seeks to foster transparency, quality, and opportunity. Our customers believe in this mission.

As a woman-owned business, Amazi highlights the solutions and opportunities that are possible when one individual sees the potential for growth.

Our customers also really enjoy the quality ingredients and the deliciously unique flavors Amazi offers.