What the heck is jackfruit seed flour?

You may have heard of jackfruit, a trending, strange-looking tropical fruit that grows in Uganda and parts of Southeast Asia. It's recently become popular in the vegan community as the fruit and flesh of the jackfruit are being marketed as a meat replacement. Though not high in protein, the fruit has a meaty texture, and can take on the flavor of various marinades and spices. Allegedly, the perfect BBQ Pulled Pork replacement for any vegan who has a hankering.

Little do jackfruit fans know, the seed is actually the powerhouse of jackfruit products. The superfood of the superfood, if you will.

Each seed is packed with resistant starch, containing prebiotic fiber, aiding in digestion and anti-inflammation. It has plenty of insoluble fiber, too, so you can rest assured that a serving of jackfruit seed flour will alleviate signs of constipation as it detoxifies the colon and keeps things running smoothly. With a healthy digestion system and heart-healthy properties, you can expect perks like healthy, glowing skin and hair. Every 100g serving of seeds contains only 184 calories, but 7g of protein - not bad! And last but not least, a smattering of micronutrients, iron, and antioxidants to fight cancer and keep you nourished.

Jackfruit seeds are often eaten boiled, roasted, in curries, or as we do at exclusively at Amazi, dried and ground up as a flour. Complete with a chestnutty taste, it can be replaced 1:1 for regular flour in baking recipes. So embrace the versatility of this unique nut-free, gluten-free, allergen-friendly option; get creative and sprinkle it on your yogurt, smoothie, or salad! With a product this good and good for you, the possibilities are endless. 

NOTE: As explained in our product descriptions, due to our commitment to Direct Trade and ethical sourcing, we have put the official release of this product on hold until we have expanded our farmers networks. We do have a limited supply available, though, so if you are an interested food blogger, chef, or amateur adventuring in the kitchen, please reach out to us!