How to Eat Amazi Plantain Chips: Recipe and Blogger Round Up #1

Plantain chips.

Seem like a limited snack, right? Guess again! Amazi plantain chips are unique in their versatility. Due to our one-of-a-kind drying and roasting process, our chips pack a bold plantain flavor and hearty crunch. Their cracker-like density makes them perfect for dipping, dunking, or incorporating into healthy recipes.

To nip any skepticism in the bud, we're sharing some of our favorite creations and reviews by food bloggers.

Sweet tooth?

Try our plantain chips as an added crunch on a grain-free banana bread, as the main ingredient in these Peanut Butter energy bites, or in your morning bowl of oats.

Or looking for a savory twist?

Top your taco salad, sub out boring soup croutons, or take it to the next level: make nachos or bread your chicken fingers with 'em!

Step up your snack game.

Throw them in a trail mix to munch on through the week, make a yummy dip to dunk them in, or simply enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Don't take our word for it.

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