Community over everything.

As a long time Almost30 listener, I'm so excited to connect with you here! Always in search of mindful brands that aligned with my values of transparency and connection, I was so excited that K+L saw us as a perfect fit for the conscious community at A30.

I look forward to connecting further, and would be honored if you joined us on our journey as we grow! Become an Amazi Insider to stay a part of our community.

Renee Dunn

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Jackfruit Chews

Bursting with tropical flavors, you wouldn't believe that our Jackfruit Chews are made simply with fruit, spices, and nothing else. They taste like grown-up fruit rollups, but are packed with fiber and antioxidants.

Try all 3 flavors!

Plantain Chips

Dried and roasted, NEVER fried. Our plantain chips are unlike any you've ever tried before! Subtly sweet, caramelized texture, with a hearty crunch, and none of the typical greasy residue. 

Taste the difference!

Our Mission

Amazi is a mindful food company selling healthy, made-in-Uganda snacks. Made simply with fruit and spices, Amazi offers tropical flavors and unique textures. But the goodness doesn't stop there: every bite you take directly supports our mission to support sustainable supply chains.

By working directly with farmers groups and producing in partnership with small businesses in Uganda, we create jobs and close the gap between source & consumer.  Amazi is here to help you Snack on Purpose.

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