Our People

Amazi was founded in April 2016. My lease was up, so I left my job and boarded a plane back to Uganda. You see, I had an idea, a vision, that just wouldn't quit...

In college, I studied abroad and conducted my thesis research in Kampala. I was struck by the abundance of natural resources, but was perplexed to see them seemingly sitting untapped.

Uganda is the 2nd largest producer of organic produce in the world, but most harvests sit locally traded or exported raw. And although, Uganda has one of the highest levels of entrepreneurial activity in the world, many of these enterprises lack a path toward industry or growth. This resulted in issues of unemployment, food waste, and business stagnation. 

Meanwhile, I watched the booming natural food industry grow in the US, inspiring me to explore the possibilities of making products in country to provide growth avenues for entrepreneurs and farmers alike.

My vision is to transform Uganda's best tropical fruits into wholesome, clutter-free snacks, ensuring transparency, opportunity, quality, and connection so that you can #SnackonPurpose to fuel your purpose-driven life!

Thank you so much for choosing Amäzi and joining our mindful mission. It means the world to me!

Happy Snacking,


And now for the real stars of the show... Our Farmers:

We build direct trade relationships with farming communities throughout Uganda. What does this mean? 

We commit to inclusive and on-going conversations around challenges we face on both sides - from volume targets, to pricing, to building trust and open communication. 

Organizing farmers groups is no easy feat and is an ongoing educational process. We work with these communities to predetermine shares of their harvests for purchase at agreed-upon prices. Often, this taps into harvest shares that had previously gone unsold or wasted. 

Our teams not only ensure farmers meet specific organic farm practices, but also take the time to offer trainings throughout the year on pricing, record-keeping, governance, environmental impact, and more. But why share more, when you can hear directly from them?!


Our Impact: