Our People

Amazi was founded in April 2016. My lease was up, so I left my job and boarded a plane back to Uganda. 

Sounds random... why Uganda?

Let me backtrack - I studied abroad and did my thesis research in Uganda. While living there, I was blown away by their organic tropical fruits, bursting with flavors unlike back at home. But stand after stand, people traded fruits raw or looked for cheap ways of processing or exporting. I had heard stories about cocoa farmers never seeing a chocolate bar... but realized that this anecdote sums up a lot about our supply chains as a whole. 

Those at the resource were completely separate from the opportunity and innovation that existed in the global market - resulting in high unemployment and food waste. Meanwhile, back at home, consumers looking for products that serve a higher purpose, there was a huge opportunity missed not only for local industry and job creation, but also to satisfy a growing need for US consumers.

My solution was to connect this ingenuity, drive, and bounty with folks who crave both good food AND story - presumably, YOU!

We now source directly from farmers, keep production in country by partnering with Ugandan businesses. Together, our 100% made-in-Uganda products build skills, market access, and create connection in our supply chains.

Thank you so much for choosing Amäzi and joining our mindful mission. It means the world to me!

Happy Snacking,


And now for the real stars of the show...

Our Farmers:

We build direct trade relationships with farming communities throughout Uganda. What does this mean? 

We commit to inclusive and on-going conversations around challenges we face on both sides - from volume targets, to pricing, to building trust and open communication. 

Organizing farmers groups is no easy feat and is an ongoing educational process. We work with these communities to predetermine shares of their harvests for purchase at agreed-upon prices. Often, this taps into harvest shares that had previously gone unsold or wasted. 

Our teams not only ensure farmers meet specific organic farm practices, but also take the time to offer trainings throughout the year on pricing, record-keeping, governance, environmental impact, and more. But why share more, when you can hear directly from them?!


Our Production Partners:

Meet some members of our production team here!

Our Impact: