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Sweet n Salty n Simple

As someone with multiple food allergy, I appreciate the pure, simple ingredients that come together for the perfect balance of sweet and salty. I have used these for nachos and dipped them in chocolate. Adore!

Delicious, Healthy, Long-lasting Snack!

These jackfruit chews are delicious and, for about the same amount of calories as bag of chips, I got snack that lasts all afternoon. And without all of the additives and processing! I couldn't recommend these more.

Healthy and delicious

This product is so healthy and delicious. My husband and I were on a very restrictive, clean eating cleanse. We were so happy to find such a yummy treat. Further the company and it's employees show great integrity in character, their products and thier mission. Very happy to have found them and will continue to support!

Hits the spot

This really hits the spot! Not too sweet, not overpowered by the coconut. Seems to be perfect while lounging on the couch or size to take hiking!

They were okay

Very sweet. Not enough salt. Very crispy. Great sweet snack if that’s what you’re looking for. I won’t buy again. Wanted more of a savory snack. If Amazi does that then I’ll buy again.

Delicious, healthy snack. As I try to eat healthier these have been a huge help. For fewer calories than a bag of chips these less processed treats last all afternoon. And a great cause!


I immediately loved the moringa hibiscus flavor when it first came out. Still do. But this pina colada flavor. Holy cow! Love. Love. Love. The flavor is subtle at first and then quickly becomes addictive. My housekeeper is crazy about both flavors. I bribe her with boxes of them, along with the plantains, so she'll never leave me. :)

Tasty whole food snack

I don't eat 'snacks' normally, particularly prepared in oil (these are dont in olive oil). I make an exception for Amazi foods snacks. In fact that is the new must-have snack in my pickleball bag. Love them.

Seriously incredibly good. New addiction.

Plantain olive oil chips

Love them!!!

Grossly overpriced, but otherwise tasty. You get very little product for a price of $6 per bag. Good cause but at that price you are unlikely to get frequent orders. Company growth is likely to suffer possibly resulting in the demise of your company. You may want to revisit your pricing strategy.

New Favorite Snack!

Soooooo delicious - I am HOOKED on these on these bad boys and I don't even feel bad about it!

Salted Coconut Oil Plantain Chips - 6 Pack - ALMOST OOS!
Fantastic! Just too expensive.

These are SO good (addicting!), and so much healthier than basically any other plantain chip I've ever seen. I just wish they were less expensive!

Salted Coconut Oil Plantain Chips - 6 Pack - ALMOST OOS!

Disappointed in flavor and texture. Tasted burned and bitter.

Chili Spiced Plantain Chips - 6 Pack

Disappointed with flavor and texture. Had almost like a burned taste.


This is one of my new favorite snacks! I am obsessed - so good!


I could eat the six pack in one sitting!

my favorite!

These jackfruit chews have the best of jackfruit taste with the tang of ginger and turmeric for health and digestion. They have become my favorite snack.

The best snacks ever!!

These are delicious and healthy! I highly recommend these chews. Amazing! Very tasty. I am creating gift baskets for friends with these healthy snacks. Makes a great gift. I have tried the lime chili and the turmeric ginger.

Amazing Amazi

I did not know what to expect having never had jackfruit. These were consumed for hiking snacks and wow! Loved the unique flavor (we've tried 3 different ones, all were good). The best part was just the right chewiness to be really satisfying without feeling like you might break a tooth. lol I've had some really hard fruit snacks in the past. The ingredients are simple and wholesome. This is really helpful for someone like me with a lot of food sensitivities. I can feel confident looking at the label and knowing what I am getting. Thanks for a great treat!

Bright pineapple flavor; chewy texture; healthy ingredients!

We've really enjoyed Amazi Moringa Hibiscus Pineapple fruit chews. They make a great snack to bring along on a hike or road trip. Just the right balance between tart / sweet pineapple and hibiscus along with all the health benefits of moringa. Plus we appreciate the fact the snack is all natural and assists small growers in Uganda. We're hooked!

Next level fruit snacks

Can't get over how much sweeter this pineapple is than any other brand Ive tried! Perfect texture with just the right amount of kick!! Intentfully aligned snacking at its finest!!!

Great gift!

Yummy! And a variety pack is a great gift!

Best evuh!!!

Yummy!! Great chewy texture and rich, real fruit pineapple flavor!

Wonderful product!

I found these at my local grocery store and they are so good that I came to the website to check it out. I love the story and the commitment to supporting the farmers. The jackfruit chews are juicy and chewy.

These are far better than a lot of jackfruit products I have tried (I have tried them all, being a jackfruit connoisseur). These are full of flavor and have a great texture. It really tastes and feels like an authentically harvested and dried jackfruit made with care.