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Woman's History Month: How These F&B Female Founders Face Challenges

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Are you ready to support more women-owned brands in grocery? Or curious to start your own food or beverage company? We compiled the most commonly asked questions about female founders or starting a business as a woman, and asked some of our favorite female founders to weigh in on their take! Read on! 

Our Gorongosa Founder/CEO Spotlight - Patty Connor!

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At Amazi, we are always supporting businesses that align with our values of equitability, sustainability, and purposeful action. We had the pleasure of interviewing Patty Connor - CEO of Our Gorongosa - to learn about her company's mission that is driving the future of business forward.

Celebrate National Jackfruit Day!

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It's NATIONAL JACKFRUIT DAY! We are CELEBRATING by providing you with all the info + health benefits of our FAVORITE tropical fruit! Read along to learn all you need to know on this unique fruit that is taking the vegan world by storm!


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Need inspiration for your next trip to the grocery store? We've got you covered.  Thanks to Wegman's, we are bringing you a grocery haul of colorful produce, yummy snacks, and LOTS of bags of Amazi to set your week up right! Come shop with us!  No Wegman's in your area? Check out our store...

Purpose-Driven Wednesdays: Renee Dunn

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This week, we caught up with Renee Dunn — our kickass Founder + CEO here at Amäzi. Renee is dedicated to building a better supply chain and supporting economic development in Uganda, and is also a fitness guru on the side! ⁠

Purpose-Driven Wednesdays: Women's History Month Edition

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This week, we caught up with Lisa Curtis, founder and CEO of Kuli Kuli Foods. Kuli Kuli puts Moringa—a superfood from Africa—into kitchens and pantries across the US in wellness shots, gummies, and even snacking chocolate. An ingredient innovator, Lisa is bringing new and exciting products from around the world to a grocery store near you!