Our Promise

Amäzi ah / mah / zee ]

Language of Origin: Luganda

Why water? It nurtures, it nourishes, it is essential to growth. And here at Amäzi, we’re all about growth - growing and redefining agricultural supply chains from the ground up. 

Snack on Purpose.

We aim to go a step beyond ethical sourcing, supporting sustainable supply chains and creating connection all through the production of our good-for-you snacks. How? We commit to keeping the production process in the country from which we source. With every bite of Amäzi you take, you help close the gap between source and consumer, between consumer and source. 

transparency • opportunity • connection

Uganda has the 2nd largest supply of organic produce in the world, but sits at #131 of 137 countries on the Global Entrepreneurship Index. Doesn’t add up, right? Harvests are traded raw, so overcrowded local markets find excess produce sitting stall after stall, with nowhere to go. By including communities at the source in the steps of innovation & value addition, they can tap into the full potential of their natural resources.

We love that you care about where your food comes from, and look for ethically sourced products when you shop. But in our opinion, we can be doing more! Most of the time, economies at the source stay at the source, and the countries that produce, innovate, and create are thousands of miles away. The local farmers have no way of knowing that you want their jackfruit transformed into tasty, chewy, good-for-you snacks!

Amäzi takes the next step, and keeps production in-country so we can create jobs and local industry. We want to grow opportunities beyond the farmer level. It’s not easy and it takes time, but we believe this is the only way to transform the existing supply chain dynamic - bringing resource-rich countries along for the ride, instead of leaving them behind.

And we're so glad you joined us on this ride, too!

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