I really enjoyed the plantain chips. I love that each one had such a subtle ingredient change, but you could totally taste the difference. The chips lasted 3 days in my apartment!! I also liked how many chips were in each package. A package of that size typically has half! It’s great to know I’ll get a lot of value per bag.
— Nicole C. (@nobread), Los Angeles
My son, who has never been a fan of plantain chips, tried all three flavors and was hooked! He has asked me repeatedly when we will get more. I’m thrilled at the idea of a tasty, healthy snack for him to take to school. Bring ‘em on!
— Melissa D., Bethesda
Hi! Just found you via Instagram and would love to see you in stores [near me]!! It’s so hard to find plantain chips made with good oils (like coconut, olive or avo) and my son (and our family) love plantation chips but no longer buy them due to the poor quality oils used in the ones we find everywhere. Thanks for making some with oils!!
— Nini L., San Francisco
Amazi is simply incredible. As a full time student, I find myself relying on snacks throughout the day (and night) to keep my energy levels up, and it’s important to have a combination of healthy and delicious. Amazi is my go to - not only are the plantain chips delectable and nutritious, but they support the local Ugandan economy. Simply put, Amazi makes snacks I feel great eating and is a company I love to support.”
— Anastasia K., Washington, DC