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Behind The Scenes


by Renee Dunn 03 Jan 2022

Phew, what a year! Can't say it was much easier than the last. 

We did it. All of us. You, me, us. THANK YOU for sticking by us for another CrAzY year. ⁠⁠

But in all seriousness, this year was *not* a highlight reel, contrary to what this post and what all social media might have you think. ⁠

There were some low low lows. We didn't hit our initially projected sales goals. We pivoted, adjusted, got disappointed and frustrated time and time again. We had botched store executions, yeses that turned into no's, factory shut downs and slow seasons. ⁠

And yet, it feels important for me to celebrate our growth with you because I think we all need to do that. To take a step back and acknowledge progress - even if you are currently on lockdown in your PJs...

All thanks to you! 

We grew our business by 130% YoY.⁠
We launched products into some DREAM accounts⁠
We increased our per farmer purchases by close to 700%. ⁠
We doubled the jobs created at our partner facility in Uganda.⁠

This isn't a full picture, but I'm proud to share it and invite you all, our Amazi-ng community, to celebrate with us.⁠

As we look ahead, let this be the one of continued sustained growth and improved sustainability.

Some of our goals:

Finally get B Corp Certified, Non GMO Verified, AND Organic Certified #theyearofpaperwork 
Exceed $1million in annual sales, and land over 1500 doors nationwide
Break into offices, hotels, airports... so that we're ready to go when you are!
Introduce new products and support more sourcing from our partners in Uganda.
Really carry through our mission of Purpose-Driven living - through valuable practices, movement, tools, and collaborations to our community.

CHEERS to a better 2022! May we all continue to grow, pivot, and work toward our dreams.⁠

We can't wait to share what we have in store for next year....!

Renee & The Amazi Team⁠

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