Celebrate National Jackfruit Day!

So...What Exactly IS Jackfruit?!?

We get this question quite often...

This massive, Native to South Asia, Jackfruit is one of the world's LARGEST fruits! This tropical, alien-looking fruit is taking the vegan community by storm...and for a good reason!

It is PACKED with:

- Fiber

- Vitamin C

- B-complex vitamins

- Antioxidants

 How to use: 

It has a unique texture and flavor, which changes as the fruit ages. Young jackfruit is tender, and makes a great meat substitute.

 As opposed to many brands using the under-ripe of green jackfruit as a meat replacement, we use the ripe one- highlighting it's bold, sweet, fruity flavor!

You can snack on our dried fruit anytime, but especially when you're on the go and need a quick boost of carbohydrates (and flavor!) to fuel your body and keep you going!

What does it taste like?

Kind of like if a banana + mango + pineapple had a baby!

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