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Farmer Feature: Mugenyi Edith

by Renee Dunn 16 Jul 2019
Farmer Feature: Mugenyi Edith

This farmer feature focuses on one of the outstanding members of the Rubirizi Farming Cooperative - Edith. Edith has been a role model for many of her peers and community members.

She grows some of the most delicious, healthy plantains, and does so with a sense of pride. She's also a charismatic speaker and savvy businesswoman: since we've begun purchasing plantains from Edith and her community, she has invested in growing several more acres of sweet plantain, allowing her to maintain and grow opportunities in the local market while keeping up with our increasing demand.

At meetings, she stands up to educate her peers on the benefits of investing in expanding their agricultural assets and improving the quality of their offerings as a group. Read on to learn more about Edith!

Edith animatedly explaining the difference between mature and immature plantain bunches.

Name: Mugenyi Edith
Age: 57 years young
Family: I have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. The oldest is now 10 years old. 

What crops do you grow on your farm?
I'm a jack of all trades. I grow ground nuts (peanuts), beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, apple bananas, maize, yams, green plantains (matooke), sweet plantains (gonja), and cinnamon!

What is your favorite fruit?

What have you learned from organic farming?
How to preserve soil and eat healthy.

How is Organic farming important to you?
I believe that when you believe in something, you have to follow. Now that I know about the dangers of chemicals, I know I have to keep my family healthy and conserve the land for my children.

What is the value of working in a farmers cooperative?
It is important to keep us encouraged. I have my weaknesses, and when I see a friend doing better, I strive to copy and improve myself. 

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