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Farmer Feature: Nkesiga James

by Renee Dunn 16 Jul 2019
Farmer Feature: Nkesiga James

One of our favorite parts of our recent trip to Uganda was reconnecting with our farmers group. In addition to attending a community meeting, we were lucky to visit with a few farmers one-on-one, and wanted to share some of our quick interviews with you. Read on to get to know James!

Name: Nkesiga James
Age: 45 years young
Do you have children? Yes! I have 5.

What crops do you grow on your farm?
Sweet plantains (gonja), coffee, green plantains (matooke)

What is your favorite fruit?

What have you learned about organic farming?
I learned not to use sprays and to make buffers to protect my organic plot.

Why is Organic farming important to you?
Chemicals can cause health issues, and I want to protect the environment.

What is the value of working in a farmers cooperative?
The sharing of ideas.



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