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Farmer Feature: Nkesiga Jane

by Renee Dunn 16 Jul 2019
Farmer Feature: Nkesiga Jane

Here's our interview with Jane - an inquisitive member of the Rubirizi Farmers Group, always curious about new organic ways to treat banana wilt and other diseases that affect harvests. In showing us around her plot of young plantain trees, she did us the courtesy of answering a few questions about herself. Read on for more!

Name: Nkesiga Jane
Age: 42 years young
Family: I have 5 children (and I'm married to James!) 

What crops do you grow on your farm?
Green plantain (matooke), sweet plantain (gonja), apple bananas, and beans.

What is your favorite fruit?

What have you learned about organic farming?
Spraying is harmful to health and environment. 

How is Organic farming important?
There are many advantages. Consistent use of spray can lead to cancer, so non-chemical farming is important to help with prevention. Additionally, maintaining organic standards can help with soil fertility, and the environment at large.

What is the value of working in a farmers cooperative?
We have easier access to extension services that help in agronomic practices. Its easier to collect ideas and get larger volumes - it helps us as farmers to be able to produce all at once. It also helps us network and leverage. Other donations may come, making it easier to acquire inputs for farming.

Jane showing off her young plantain trees.

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