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Female founders we admire!

by Alexandra Harris 25 Mar 2021
Female founders we admire!

Female entrepreneurship has been rising steadily over the years both in the U.S. and globally, and the CPG industry is no exception! We have compiled a list of some of the women who are out there finding success, fighting for change, and staying one step ahead of the competition!

Soom Foods
Like a lot of businesses, Soom Foods got its start when its founders noticed a gap in the marketplace, but unlike most businesses, Soom Foods’ co-founders are three sisters-in-chief.

The trio consists of Shelby, Jackie, and Amy. They have managed to combine their unique skillsets to run their company and help Americans fall in love with the Tahini they first learned to love in Israel  by combining their skills and passions to create a business founded on a love for food, family, and community. Want to try some for yourself? Use the store locator on their website to find a retailer near you - you can also order directly from their site!

Pulp Pantry
It all started when Pulp Pantry's founder Kaitlin Mogentale watched a friend juice a carrot, seeing firsthand the large amount of fresh pulp that was left behind. Kaitlin asked what her friend planned to do with it. Her friend admitted to having no clue about what to do with the pulp, meaning this resource was destined to go to waste.

Kaitlin's inner food waste warrior couldn't help but want to rescue the carrot's better half. She happily took the pulp home to make her first-ever juice pulp carrot cookies (and they were delicious!). She set out to create a solution, one that would ensure good food is put to good use: nourishing humanity. Shop their variety pack here!

Erica Liu Williams is the creator and visionary behind gr8nola, the superfood granola that took Silicon Valley by storm. Coming from an athletic background as an Olympic-trials swimmer, Erica struggled to find granola that was clean, free of refined oils and sugars. She developed gr8nola to fit that gap. They're equally addictive as they are nutrient dense! Gr8nola offers free shipping on orders over $40 - get yours today on their website. 

Sweet Logic
Alli Owen partnered with her husband, Matt, to bring you Sweet Logic! In her early twenties, she was diagnosed with hormonal imbalances and PCOS. After doing their research, she and her husband started their low carb (and low sugar) journey as a love letter to their friends and family, committing to becoming the healthiest version of themselves.

However, they found themselves struggling to stay true to the Keto lifestyle as they both had quite the sweet tooth - especially Alli! This spurred them to come up with delicious, convenient mug cake mixes to help fellow sweet lovers! You can find their decadent indulgent low carb treats through Amazon or their website!

Balkan Bites
Ariana Malushi is a first generation American born to a Croatian mother and an Albanian father from Kosovo. She grew up with strong ties to her Balkan roots, spending countless summers in Europe with her grandparents eating traditional home-cooked meals made entirely from scratch.

After years of working for marketing and non-profit organizations, she found her calling—to share and to preserve Balkan culture with authentic family recipes that have been passed down through generations - and thus Balkan Bites was born! She paired up with her aunt, Alida to debut Bureks at local markets in NYC! Visit their website to order yours today!

Amazi Foods
Our list wouldn't be complete without Renee Dunn, our fearless founder! She studied abroad and did her thesis research in Uganda. While living there, she was blown away by their organic tropical fruits, bursting with flavors unlike in the United States.

Meanwhile, back home, consumers were actively seeking out products that serve a higher purpose, and she knew there was a huge opportunity missed - not only for the local industry and job creation in Uganda, but also to satisfy a growing need for US consumers.

Her solution was to connect this ingenuity, drive, and bounty with folks who crave both good food AND a great story - presumably, YOU! So head on over to our shop to browse and order some AMAZIng snacks today!

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