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#FuelYourPurpose Interview Series: Caroline Jefferson

by Sales Team 05 Dec 2019
#FuelYourPurpose Interview Series: Caroline Jefferson

Ready for another #FuelYourPurpose interview series?

On deck this week: Caroline Jefferson. 

Like may Amazi addicts, Caroline is busy AF- probably one of the busiest humans you’ll find. She maintains a day job as a CPA, and has many side hustles including fostering kittens with her adorable fur baby Marcell, helping out at the Animal Welfare League, and coaching at MADabolic.

If it sounds like we’re introducing a Miss America contestant, well, we might as well be. Most would describe her as a modern-day saint, and by most, we mean all. With all of this going on in her life, we had to ask: How do you fuel your purpose every day? 

Her purpose, put simply, is to be happy. She works out and rescues animals on the daily just as part of filling herself up! What fuels her is being part of something bigger, something rewarding. 

Caroline acknowledges her growth in her purpose. As an introvert (holla!) her passions push her daily to interact with a wide spectrum of people, forcing her to grow out of her shell, and get a little bit uncomfortable. This has been a big driver for her. She has also grown through fostering and has learned an important life lesson: Everyone has their own story- be kind and gentle because you likely don’t know it. 

Luckily, Caroline has been indoctrinated into the cult of Amazi (just kidding..) and she gets to snack on her favorite salted coconut oil plantain chips in between her workouts, coaching, day job, walking Marcell, and fostering kittens. It's so important to her that she has access to healthy, whole snacks, and we’re just happy we can help her #fuelHERpurpose!

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