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Meet our Farmers: Jacklin Tusingwire

by Renee Dunn 11 Nov 2021
Meet our Farmers: Jacklin Tusingwire

Today, we introduce you to Jacklin! Another one of our phenomenal female farmers, based in Western Uganda. We had the pleasure to meet with her in October 2021.

NAME: Jacklin Tusingwire

Role: Farmer in the Isingiro Farmers Group

Age: 47

Household: 7 children - ages 8 through 24.

How long have you been growing sweet plantains? 5 years

What else do you grow? Mangos, jackfruit, garden herbs.

How long have you been farming? Ever since I was little! 

What did you used to do with your plantains before partnering with Amazi? I used to supply small scale procurers and middlemen, who would come through unpredictably and purchase what they could.

What's a day in your life look like? Wake up early, around 6AM, head to the garden to work. Around 10:30am I start to head back to prepare lunch for my family. After preparing lunch, I rest about 2-3 hours, and head back to the garden to work through the evening - avoiding the high heat of the afternoon.

What's the greatest challenge of being a farmer? Lack of labor and capital. There is no one outside of my family that helps me with the farm - it is all up to us to do the hard labor and reinvest in our farm.

What has the partnership with Amazi Foods allowed for you? Improved income - since the relationship, prices for my plantains have increased. This increase has allowed me to afford more food for my family, buy seeds to plant and reinvest in my farm, and to pay occasional workers to help me in the farm as we grow.

What do you want our US customers to know? We need the help of customers! Particularly when it comes to reinvesting in our farms - we want to keep investing in organic manure, but lack the capitals and equipment. More business with Amazi Foods helps us earn premium prices and will help us get the equipment we need to farm organically.

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