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Meet our Production Team: Joyce Bako

by Renee Dunn 12 Nov 2021
Meet our Production Team: Joyce Bako

Age: 27

Lives in: Bukimu (near Zirobwe), short walk away! 

How long working at the facility? 2 years, since we opened our doors!

Main Job: I always move around! I cut, I pluck, I package, I do everything! 

Household: 2 year old baby

Did you have a job before working here? Professional tailor previously

How does this job compare?

Better earnings here, our bosses are nice here, and they are faithful. 

What have you learned here? 

Trust in God! Our management team brings in positivity and spirituality into what we do daily. They make us feel connected to a higher purpose.

Why do you like working here? 

I love our Ugandan leadership team, and the CEO in particular. He’s like our father! He takes care of us like family. And the managers are like our brothers and sisters, they are friendly to us, and it pushes us to work in a friendly manner, work is always moving forward.

Favorite product: I like all of it! I was immediately intrigued by them all. 

What’s unique about the company and the facility? 

Hygiene is WAY better here, and the positive spirit around us. Most companies are not like that.

Why is a company like this important? What is the impact?

Job creation - so many of us weren’t working, many of us were farming or housewives, and now we have made friends.... like you! I’ve never met other friendly people from America or the Western world. It's amazing to be connected with so many different kinds of people, and I feel like I'm building international relationships. 

How did you feel when you first started?

At first I thought that because I had never known about the products, I was worried about the learning curve, but the managers really showed us how to do things, and I picked up skills quickly. 

What are you hoping to do with the increased income?

When I earn, I dig and grow other things to sell, like rice! And one day I hope to buy my own land to build rental homes and such. It's great to be able to reinvest in myself.

Any note for our customers? Keep on supporting us! Thank you! 

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