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Meet our Production Team: Justine Nalugo

by Renee Dunn 11 Nov 2021
Meet our Production Team: Justine Nalugo

Just got back from a trip to Uganda, and had the pleasure of reconnecting with some of our production staff - as well as meeting some new additions. Excited to introduce you to some of the team members that make up our incredible production team! 

Name: Justine Nalugo

Age: 26

Lives in: Zirobwe

How long have you been working at the production facility? Will be working here 2 years from December

Main Job: Cutting Jackfruit

Household: Stays with her grandparents

What was your job before working at the facility? Teacher, Primary School

How do the jobs compare? This job is way better, I have gotten new friends from different areas! And the income is way better, I really appreciate the improved the income.

What have you learned while working here? I have got new skills - the attention to production, how to handle food, etc.

Why do you like working here? Proud to be a part of the Amazi family, people are so friendly, we really work as a family - which is rare here. 

What is your favorite product that you make? I love the salted olive oil plantain chips! 

What’s unique about the production facility? The way we make our products - we don’t put chemicals, we don’t put preservatives - it makes us so different. All other factories in Uganda use chemicals to preserve their foods.

Why is a company like this important? What is the impact? It has created so many jobs, it has developed the area. There was nothing here before.

How did you feel when you first started working here? The first time everything was new to me! I had no idea of anything. Now I feel like an expert. So comfortable in everything that I do.

What are you hoping to do with the increased and steady income? With the extra income I make, I hope to have my own business. Creating more jobs for others who are still outside. More fruit blends - I've gotten so many ideas!

Do you have anything you'd like to say to our customers in the US? I so appreciate our customers for trusting us!!! Thank you for liking our products!

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