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Meet Our Production Managers: Charlotte and Joel!

by Renee Dunn 07 Mar 2022
Meet Our Production Managers: Charlotte and Joel!

In the hot seat: Charlotte and Joel. 


Charlotte is a food scientist from Makerere University and is the acting production manager for NeGonja Organics (our factory and production facility in Uganda). 

She helps ensure that all production processes are running smoothly, makes sure inventory is available as required, drafts the daily production schedule, supervises other staff to ensure all measures are being taken to ensure food safety of our products, AND trains staff on food safety.

Charlotte enjoys taking on challenges, being a team leader, and exploring new music. She is big on productivity, teamwork, honesty, and integrity. 

During her stay at NeGonja, she has enjoyed taking on all projects related to learning and mastering recipes, the fruits that are best for production, choosing the right staff to work with, and ensuring the achievement of all necessary certifications. Charlotte feels attached to the company because she has the zeal and determination to make sure the company prospers.

"I want to make sure that Amazi, as our customer, is always happy with our products. I enjoy my work and I am determined to achieve success. Despite a few setbacks here and there, it is an amazing experience and I feel so blessed and fortunate to be a part of this team." 



Joel is 25 years old, an ethnobotanist by training, and the assistant production manager at Negonja Organics

He enjoys anime, tech, good music, and gaming. He is also very adventurous and loves new experiences that keep him intrigued, learning, and in exploration.

Joel is in charge of the production process at NeGonja Organics, making sure everything is running according to the daily plan and supervising his fellow coworkers. To him, NeGonja is a family! 

"The opportunity to work with these people and the challenges that come with the job is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and being able to make healthy Amazi snacks comes as a plus!"

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