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Behind The Scenes

Meet the Production Team!

by Sales Team 12 Feb 2020
Meet the Production Team!

Ever wonder who makes your favorite snacks? The hands that dry and roast those delicious plantain chips, and flavor the jackfruit chews of your dreams? 

Those mysterious hands belong to our production team that works hard at our factory, NeGonja, in Zirobwe, Uganda to bring you the snacks you know and love. 

Our founder, Renee, visited our team in UG earlier this month and had the chance to interview some of the people that make Amazi Foods possible. Awesome, right? Yeah- we know. Read some of their stories below!

Name: Nyakegcho Josephine 

Age: 30

Lives in: Zirobwe, Uganda; Home district: Tororo

Team member since November 1, 2019

Josephine moved to the central region for school 6 years ago to study Hotel Management at Nkumba University in Entebbe. Her experience in the food industry as a restaurant supervisor and staff member helped her get a leg-up in being hired at NeGonja (our factory in UG), as well as her interest in the food industry! She loves being involved in every part of the production process, especially the slicing and roasting of plantains (her favorites are the salted olive oil plantain chips!). Josephine hopes to one day start her own business with the knowledge and skills that she has gained at NeGonja!

Name: Namakula Annette 

Age: 26 

Lives in: Zirobwe, Uganda

Team Member since November 30, 2019

Annette started out her career as a keen businesswoman- she was the transport service that provided farmers a chance to sell and deliver their produce to restaurants, instead of just selling in local markets! A more steady income and the opportunity to grow her knowledge capital brought her to NeGonja. Even though Annette is fairly new to the Amazi family, she has already mastered the production process, utilizes feedback like a pro, and is always the first to show up in the morning. One day, Annette wants to buy her own plot of land, but said she is happy working for Amazi for the long-hall!

Name: Kadhume Julius

Age: 25

Lives in: Zirobwe, Uganda; from the East Iganga district

Team Member since November 2019

Julius came to us 3 months ago from the East Iganga district, specifically for this job! He boasts about his large family- his father who still lives in the Iganga district, a mother who lives in Western Uganda, and his one brother and two sisters- he's not shy to say he's proud to be the firstborn! His pastor, Stephen Barasa (also the CEO of NeGonja!) told him about this opportunity, and Julius was immediately excited to learn more about the food industry and production process since he did not have access to this experience before. He is the biggest team player, makes everyone laugh, and enjoys collaboration at work. 

Name: Katabi Samuel

Age: 26

Lives in: Buchimu, Zirobwe, Uganda

Team Member since November 2019

Samuel studied Food Science and Technology at Makerere University. Before arriving at NeGonja, he was a research assistant focusing on improving protein quality and content. He knows that global culture is shifting to be more health-conscious when it comes to their food, and Uganda has an amazing opportunity to be a part of this industry. He is passionate about adding value to the Ugandan food industry by learning more about organic produce, how to prepare and produce food, and keep Uganda involved. He is very proud that NeGonja encourages female participation and fair pay which elevates the community, the next generation, and the local economy. Samuel enjoys football (Manchester United, anyone?!), and reading- especially on the subject of philosophy by Marx and Hobbes.

We are so proud of our team at NeGonja, and cannot wait to see the lasting impact this factory has on the community of Zirobwe.

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