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Purpose-Driven Wednesdays (February Edition)

by Sales Team 09 Feb 2022
Purpose-Driven Wednesdays (February Edition)


Believe it or not, finding purpose and wellbeing is something that is challenging for everyone. It's a continuous practice - even for those who seem the most motivated and embedded in "wellness".⁠

In honor of Black History Month, we're sharing tips from Black founders in the better-for-you Food & Beverage industry on how they make purpose-driven choices daily. ⁠

Today we're highlighting 2 change-makers in our community, who behind their purpose-driven ventures work hard to find purpose in their daily life, with accessible tips for everyone. ⁠

This week, Jordan Buckner and Akua Kyerematen Nettey share their valuable tips for staying rooted in their purpose - that anyone (and even, you, yes, you!) could follow and draw inspo from! ⁠
First up: Jordan Buckner!

"1. Write down your top 3-5 personal, family, and work priorities that you want to live out every week. Include what specifically you want to do.

2. As you plan your day, review your priorities and only accept meeting events, invites that align with your priorities. You can even mark which priority it aligns with.

3. Every week/month, reflect on your time to see if your actions align with your priorities. Make adjustments if necessary."

Check out his company on Instagram: @foodbevy

Next: Akua Kyerematen Nettey


"1. Learning about African ancestry (particularly West African influence and culture) in the Caribbean and Latin America helps me drive purpose - and hibiscus is one of the main commodities that connects Caribbean's and Latinx community to Africa.

2. Journaling has been my new hobby that I love. It helps me get all my thoughts out on paper and helps me process everything whether it's my goals or my to-do list.

3. I go by a quote that I love: 'take everything as one step at a time. Crawl, walk and then run.'"

Learn more about Akua and Berry Bissap on Instagram @berrybissap

We hope these tips by Jordan and Akua help in your search to become more purpose-driven—we'll be back next week sharing how other Black founders are finding purpose in business, and in life.

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