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Purpose Driven Wednesdays (intro + week 1)

by Renee Dunn 19 Jan 2022
Purpose Driven Wednesdays (intro + week 1)


We're all about commitments to getting healthier or improving wellbeing, but we'll do it without the fads and instagram pseudoscience wellness speak, thanks very much.

2022 is the year that we harness PURPOSE-DRIVEN approaches to health and lifestyle. ⁠

So, we're excited to launch Purpose Driven Wednesdays, a way to push back against the often trend-driven #WellnessWednesday. We'll be sharing tips and routines from experts in nutrition, business, and more.⁠

As the New Year always inundates us with diet B.S, this month we'll be focusing on anti-diet-culture nutrition tips. We spoke to some of our FAVORITE no-bullshit nutrition coaches out there and are bringing you a 3-PART SERIES sharing from these badasses.⁠

Without further ado, PART 1:


1. Sarah Spicer sheds some light on a longtime myth (no pun intended). “You CAN eat carbs after dark. You can not only eat them, but you can do it and not feel guilty. Your metabolism has no idea what time it is, it can’t read clocks.” 

Follow her on Instagram: @spice_fit

2. Tempted to join a 30-day reset? Don't. As Coach Caroline Rand shares: "Don’t be persuaded by diet culture that you need to follow strict rules and do a 30 day program, that ‘kickstart the new year, new you’ BS… just trust yourself and your body to return to whatever normal eating looks like for you - use gentle self talk & encouragement to add in nutrient dense foods where you can. Think about eating foods that make you feel good, and support your energy throughout the day to keep doing the things you love!"⁠

Follow her on Instagram: @crandyyy

3. Another tip from the queen Lauren Polovoy: "Focus on a behavior goal vs. an outcome goal. You probably won’t lose 10 lbs in a week (and shouldn’t), but you can increase your protein intake in a week. You might be disappointed you gained some weight, but 90-year-old you would be more disappointed you didn’t eat the Christmas cookies. Eat a jackfruit and keep it moving."⁠

Follow her on Instagram: @lauren1097

Want more?

Follow these BADASS nutritionists for more purpose-driven content, UNFOLLOW THE B.S. in your feed, and tune in next week. We'll hit you with another round of our January Series!

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