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Purpose-Driven Wednesdays: Renee Dunn

by Sales Team 23 Mar 2022
Purpose-Driven Wednesdays: Renee Dunn


We're back with another Purpose-Driven Wednesday!

This month, we're focused on putting the spotlight on female founders, and how they find purpose⁠ on the daily⁠

This week, we caught up with Renee Dunn — our kickass Founder + CEO here at Amäzi. Renee is dedicated to building a better supply chain and supporting economic development in Uganda, and is also a fitness guru on the side! ⁠

We asked Renee: How do you find purpose daily?⁠

Scroll to read her words of wisdom >>> ⁠

Do you have a favorite daily mindfulness routine? Share your tips with us below, or comment / DM us on our instagram!

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