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Purpose Driven Wednesdays - week 2

by Renee Dunn 19 Jan 2022
Purpose Driven Wednesdays - week 2

Had enough of the #WellnessWednesday B.S.? Try Purpose Driven Wednesdays instead! 

In case you missed it, we were inspired to kick off Purpose Driven Wednesdays this year.

We're all about commitments to getting healthier or improving wellbeing, but wanted to find a way to cut through the fads and instagram pseudoscience wellness speak that so many brands put out there.⁠

2022 is the year that we harness PURPOSE-DRIVEN approaches to health and lifestyle, together! This month, we're focusing on nutrition, but we plan to continue bringing you hard-hitting, sustainable tips in the realm of mindset, business, movement, and more.

Without further ado...week 2!


RD/LDN, and MS in Physical Performance

It is "normal" to NOT have a "perfect" diet or a "perfect" relationship with food. The difference between seeking balance and seeking "perfection" is the difference between freedom and jail. If you want the best health return for your nutrition investment, balance wins by a long stretch.

Instead of following a fad diet this year or trying to navigate the web and instagram for knowledge and advice, I encourage you to meet with a registered dietitian who already has the knowledge and can give you the individualized advice that will address all of your health and nutrition needs in one personalized consultation. Skip the "fad" and learn how to eat in a way that can promote your health and wellbeing and sustain you for life.

Follow her on instagram: @KylieKainnutrition 

PN1 Certified + CrossFit Certified Nutrition Coach

As a former D1 Athlete, a StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell + Barbell Coach, AND the GM at MADabolic Dupont he knows a thing or two about fueling. 

"along with the Amazi motto “snack on purpose” that when it comes to fueling my training or even just a busy day that’s exactly how I try to prioritize my choices.

I don’t have to be on a macro driven plan or restrictive diet to understand whether or not I have had enough or whether I’m consuming minimally processed foods. This does come from the experience consistency and learning how I can best perform.

Amazi products are a great choice because they are whole foods which I encourage anyone to eat more often, have simple ingredients but still full of flavor, and provide the nutrients I need to feel energized without resorting to other choices that can be delicious but are only quick, not sustainable options. Speaking of sustainable solutions, it’s also been a growing conscious effort of mine to learn more about the manufacturer of my regularly purchased goods and you can’t hesitate to support a business that has a mission focus like Amazi!

Follow him on instagram: @voteericb4prez 

Precision Nutrition L1 Certified Coach

Hot Take:
Add before you subtract. Before you start removing food groups, cutting calories or restricting the times you allow yourself to eat, try adding the following to your diet/lifestyle.

Sleep. Inadequate sleep will slow down your non-exercise activity (NEAT) movement and decrease recovery. Shoot for 7-8+ hours per night!

Water. Half your body weight in Oz is a great place to start. Getting adequate hydration can improve workouts and recovery, help you sleep, keep your cells function… pretty big returns on that investment.

Protein. Shoot for .8-1 gram per lb of bodyweight. Eating enough protein is necessary to sustain as much muscle as possible if/when you cut. Its also highly satiating and thermogenic in nature (uses energy to digest).

Walking. No arbitary goal here, but if you sit a lot, get up and move. Its good for your joints and will boost that NEAT movement… which helps with your daily energy expenditure!
Follow her on instagram: @rach_lanning 

Looking for more? ⁠

Follow these BADASS coaches, dietitians, and nutritionists for more purpose-driven content, UNFOLLOW THE B.S. in your feed, and tune in next Wednesday. We'll hit you with another round of our January Series!

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