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Purpose Driven Wednesdays - week 3

by Sales Team 26 Jan 2022
Purpose Driven Wednesdays - week 3
Had enough of the #WellnessWednesday B.S.? Try Purpose Driven Wednesdays instead! 

Why? ⁠

Because we feel too many ‘clean label’ brands like our's perpetuate the narrative of restriction or aspirational wellness. ⁠

Yes, we're proud of our nutrient-dense ingredients, impeccably transparent sourcing, and allergen-free qualities. Those will never change. BUT we also feel it's important to share sustainable health and wellbeing tips with you all - not just whatever marketing is hot.⁠

Here are powerful snippets from some hard hitting women...we hope you're ready for it:⁠

First up: Finley Funsten—the QUEEN of fighting diet culture, and an ISSA Sports Nutrition & Precision Nutrition Level 1. You MUST follow her, if only for her Instagram reels. A snippet of her wisdom: In 2022, I challenge you to de-prioritize calorie restriction, and harness the power of MAINTENANCE! We are simply not physiologically designed to handle the long term stressors that accompany chronic under eating and yo-yo dieting, and your body is less and less inclined to work WITH you when you’re constantly working AGAINST it."

"On the flip side, when you’re not distracted by the urge to make yourself smaller, you’ll enjoy more food, better sleep, stronger gym performance, and more energy. So instead of chasing fat loss and calorie deficits the majority of this year, take the time to learn what your maintenance needs are (which I assure you is WELL above 1,500 calories), spend the majority of your year there, and thrive! Bonus: by spending MORE time in maintenance than you do in a deficit, you’ll likely find far more success in your more abbreviated fat loss efforts thanks to an upregulated metabolism.”

Check her out on instagram: @finleyfunsten

Next: Equally badass Erika Elko, a CPA turned nutrition coach. Erika help clients learn how to eat best for their body without cutting any food groups. Reminding us that the most powerful tools are right under our noses,  "My fave tips: if you’re constantly thinking about food, you probably need to eat more food on a regular basis. Sleep is the most underrated form of recovery and health metric there ever was and it’s free. Rest days are essential for overall health and performance. Breakfast does not need to be a bowl of cereal or a bar. Eating more earlier in the day can keep you satiated throughout the day and leave you less ravenous and likely to overeat at night. "


Find out more on her instagram: @erikaelko

And to round it out: Tricia Thompson, a  27x (or more?) marathoner, Madabolic & nutrition coach, reminding us to “Keep it simple - nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Find easy hacks that won’t allow for excuses to get the fuel your body needs. Too tired to cook at the end of the day? Grab a rotisserie chicken, ready-to-eat rice packet, and fresh or frozen vegetables that can be microwaved and topped with olive oil; you’ve got your protein, carbs, fat and veggies in a matter of minutes. Keep some @amazifoods snacks on hand for when you’re hungry throughout the day. Oh, and eat like a grown adult - none of this 1,200 calorie a day toddler bull***t.” 

Follow her journey on instagram @triciathompson

Looking for more? ⁠

Follow these BADASS fitness gurus, coaches, and nutritionists for more purpose-driven content, UNFOLLOW THE B.S. in your feed, and tune in next week. We'll hit you with another blog post focused on our supply chain and supporting farmers in Uganda!

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