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Purpose-Driven Wednesdays: Women's History Month Edition

by Sales Team 16 Mar 2022
Purpose-Driven Wednesdays: Women's History Month Edition

We're back with another Purpose-Driven Wednesday—putting the spotlight on how female founders find purpose in their lives and work!

This week, we caught up with Lisa Curtis, founder and CEO of Kuli Kuli Foods. Kuli Kuli puts Moringa—a superfood from Africa—into kitchens and pantries across the US in wellness shots, gummies, and even snacking chocolate. An ingredient innovator, Lisa is bringing new and exciting products from around the world to a grocery store near you!

How does Lisa stay positive and resilient throughout her busy schedule?

Do you have a favorite daily grounding routine? How do you build resilience? Share your tips with us below, or comment / DM us on our instagram!

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