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Valentine's Day - the socially distant way!

by Alexandra Harris 09 Feb 2021
Valentine's Day - the socially distant way!

Have you been dreaming of a low-key Valentine's Day? Maybe you're not quite in the mood for the usual song and dance involved with the holiday?

This year might just be the perfect time to throw out the traditional "dinner and a movie" date and replace it with a fun, yet socially-distant and safe celebration of love.

We've put together a list of experiences for you and your chosen person to try out for a different kind of Valentine's! The best part? You don’t have to worry about making reservations or dressing up (unless you want to!)

Sunday Drive and Picnic, Anyone?
The safest cure for quarantine cabin fever is to grab your favorite snacks, curate the perfect playlist and watch the sunset on a scenic drive. When the time feels right, stop, take pictures, and have a picnic.

Breakfast in bed. Low Key and Delicious.
Too cold to go out? Not a problem! When it's cold outside and all you want to do is cuddle up under your blankets in bed, a date night may sound like too much effort. But that's when a little creativity can go a long way! It is our personal opinion that every home should have a breakfast tray - why? For a breakfast in bed date! Pour some steaming coffee or tea in your partner's favorite mug, cook up a few eggs and toast or whip up a fun treat like a granola parfait (topped with your choice of jackfruit chews or plantain chips!)

Game Night 
The best part about board games is what makes them ideal for an at-home date night as well: They’re totally unplugged. They mean no phones, televisions, or computers are going to interrupt your time together—and sometimes that’s the best date night of all. Gather a stack of board games, bring out the drinks and snacks, light some candles, and you might be surprised how much fun you’ll have. 

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