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"Yum! Ok I'm not sharing these" A Healthy Snack Review by Karlie Kloss

by Renee Dunn 14 Aug 2019


 Yesterday, Karlie Kloss - model, entrepreneur, and foodie - dropped a Youtube video taste testing and reviewing some of her favorite healthy snacks, and guess what - your's truly was first on the list! 

Along with some of our favorite brands, Jess Young, the founder of BUBBLE Goods, brought Amazi for a visit with Karlie at Klossy HQ to sample some of the cleanest, yummiest, most innovative snacks out there.

"If you know me, you know I LOVE to snack. I also am pretty conscious of what goes in my body - so I taste tested a few healthy snacks with my entrepreneur/CEO friend, Jess Young from BUBBLE."

Talk about the best afternoon break ever! 

Karlie and Jess sat down to review some of BUBBLE's brands, and here's what Karlie had to say:

Amazi Foods, Salted Coconut Oil Plantain Chips "Yum! Ok I'm not sharing these"... SAME, KARLIE. SAME.

Moontime MagicWooden Spoon Herbs, Moontime Magic "I mean this sounds like Harry Potter"

GEMGEM, 30 Day Vitamin Bite Supply, Lemon "That was a big bite!"

Lone Star BotanicalsLone Star Botanicals, Goddess Herbal Te"I feel like a goddess... i'm glowing"

Hella BUBBLE, Hella "THIS is the money sauce."



Mylk LabsMylk Labs, Coconut & Cassia Cinnamon Oatmeal "Tasty"


Watch the full tasting and review below!

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