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#FuelYourPurpose Interview Series: Lauren Polovoy

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Lauren Polovoy makes a living forming connections to her students, clients, and the community around her. Her main job, a speech-language pathologist at a high school autism program, came about by a last-minute “life-pivot”. Lauren started out as pre-law in college and decided to follow her passions for speech therapy and fitness instead. Lauren finds her purpose...

AMAZI-ng Ingredient Spotlight: Plantains!

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Plantains are generally absent from the traditional American palate, and yet they are wildly popular in cultures around the globe, in a variety of different dishes. Here at Amazi, we are bringing this powerhouse prebiotic fruit from our farmers in Uganda into mainstream U.S. diets via our dried and roasted plantain chips!

#FuelYourPurpose Interview Series: Corbin Jennings

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If you want to be a part of a strong community of growth-oriented people, a workout plan that gives you results, with trainers who are truly invested in your success, take a class at MADabolic in D.C. or Arlington, VA.  Got your attention, have we? Let's read on...

#FuelYourPurpose Interview Series: Caroline Rand

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If you’re familiar with the D.C./VA fitness scene, then you probably know Caroline Rand. Caroline is an accomplished coach at Orange Theory, MADabolic, and a yogi with the skills to prove it. ⁠ ⁠ Working in the hectic, fitness-focused communities of D.C. and VA, we had to ask: "How do you find your purpose...

AMAZIng Amazi Ingredient Spotlight: Jackfruit

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The ingredients you find in our products are for the purist: simple, easy, clean. We source our fruit ethically and impeccably, paying attention to bold flavors we can highlight. But not only is each ingredient chosen for its taste, we also weigh the added health benefits and its power-packed portfolio.  One of our favorites,...