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10 Road Trip Snacks We Are Loving This Summer

by Renee Dunn 26 Jul 2019
10 Road Trip Snacks We Are Loving This Summer

Whether you prefer driving to the beaches to relax on the hot sand, or to the crisp mountain air to clear your mind, it’s safe to say the best part of any road trip is the snacks. 

The best snacks are not super messy, and won’t melt easily. (Love you, Twix, but I can’t bring you anywhere.) They can be shared with friends, and offer a pop of flavor that keeps you grabbing more. 

Here are our top 10 favorite snacks we like to pack for the road so we aren't constantly stopping to refuel. 

1. Epic jerky bars

 Epic jerky bar with a chicken on the label
These protein-packed snacks are also Paleo, using only animal-protein, and other whole ingredients. Bison is our favorite flavor, but we definitely want to try the sweet varieties as well!

2. Trader Joe’s Inner Peas


    inner peas package
Kind of a classic. I went through a summer where I had a bag of these every day. These baked treats are so delicate and light, yet have the texture of something much sturdier, like a chip. Best of both worlds!

3. Cinnamon plantain chips

package of cinnamon spiced plantain chips by Amazi

We may be biased, but our crunchy cinnamon-spiced plantain chips hit the mark whenever we travel. Because they are dried & roasted, they don't leave any greasy residue, which means a cleaner feel while we snack. 

4. Kween granola butter


           3 granola butters by Kween and Co.
Nut-free, gluten-free, and allergen-friendly - You just need a few spoons, and before you know it, this spreadable granola treat will completely disappear. 

5. Grain Free Puffs

        yellow package of lesser evil grain free paleo puffs
Did anyone else watch Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd's hilarious attempt at playing "Guess the Snack" on Ellen? Kristen describing Lesser Evil's take on cheese puffs as "fingers" is spot on. These things are ADDICTIVE, and since there is no grain, no dairy, and no gluten, you don't feel bad eating a whole bag. 

6. Honey Stinger Snack bars

           package of Stinger cracker and nut butter snack bar
I don't know about you, but I need a little sweet treat when I'm on the road. These aren't healthy, but the crackers are "organic" so I don't feel like I'm eating complete garbage. These bars are just perfectly crunchy, salty, and sweet, which is the trifecta of flavor gold. 

7. Gr8nola

      package of purple bag of gr8nola granola
Clean granola that is also super crunchy and comes in a variety of interesting flavors? Check, check, and check. Our personal favorite is the charcoal chia, their take on cookies & cream. 

8. Skinny dipped almonds


   green bag of skinny dipped almonds in dark chocolate espresso flavor
These things are dangerous. Regular almonds are so boring, but these! How they get such a sliver of a shell of thinly-sprayed chocolate is beyond us. The flavors are incredible, including dark chocolate raspberry, and dark chocolate mint. 

9. Siete Foods Grain-Free Tortilla Chips

    siete foods grain free tortilla chips in lime flavor
Grain free tortilla chips? That actually taste like tortilla chips? Yes, please. In the same category as the Lesser Evil grain-free puffs, these crunchy triangles of addictive goodness are gone before you know it. 

10. Flaming Hot Cheetos

      bag of flaming hot Cheetos
The OG of road trip snacks. No real explanation necessary, right?


Let us know in the comments below what snacks you always pack for your trips! 



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