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#FuelYourPurpose Interview Series: Corbin Jennings

by Sales Team 22 Nov 2019
#FuelYourPurpose Interview Series: Corbin Jennings

If you want to be a part of a strong community of growth-oriented people, a workout plan that gives you results, with trainers who are truly invested in your success, take a class at MADabolic in D.C. or Arlington, VA. 

Corbin Jennings is the mastermind behind the DMV MADabolic culture-shaping all of the facets of his gym behind the scenes to make sure his clients get top-notch training, and his employees are growing and enjoying their jobs. 

Corbin’s day-to-day varies a lot. It can range from administrative work to coaching at the crack of dawn, recording training videos, or scheduling and rescheduling and rescheduling... It's safe to say he’s working most of the time - but as an entrepreneur, he’s fueled by his passion and purpose for his business.

When Corbin isn't behind the curtains at MAD, he’s reading books on management and leadership, or researching better ways to be an entrepreneur (How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is his must-read). On the weekends, he is doing something active and fun to take some time for himself (paintball, anyone??).

With Corbin’s life surrounding health, fitness, AND owning a business, we asked him: How do you fuel your purpose AND your workouts with Amazi?

“Jackfruit chews are my go-to post-workout recovery snack as a great source of quick carbohydrates and digestible sugars.” (no, carbs aren't scary!!) Refueling himself after a workout is crucial to carry him throughout the day in order to maintain a tight ship around the gym.

Follow Corbin on Instagram and at MADabolic in Arlington, VA, and D.C.!

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