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#FuelYourPurpose Interview Series: Lauren Polovoy

by Sales Team 28 Jan 2020
#FuelYourPurpose Interview Series: Lauren Polovoy

Lauren Polovoy makes a living forming connections to her students, clients, and the community around her. 

Her main job, a speech-language pathologist at a high school autism program, came about by a last-minute “life-pivot”. Lauren started out as pre-law in college and decided to follow her passions for speech therapy and fitness instead. Thanks to her inspiring choices, the D.C. fitness scene experiences her light as a coach at MADabolic and Equinox.

Lauren finds her purpose in her work by getting people to play with pushing their boundaries and being uncomfortable; to find joy in a challenge instead of stress. Her main message through her work is to stop limiting your joy due to fear or unfamiliarity!

Not only does Lauren talk the talk, but she walks the walk. She is consistently finding new ways to get out of her own comfort zone- whether it be by taking dance classes, or participating in a music video contest!

With someone who is actively pushing towards her purpose every day, we had to ask her: how do you fuel your mission?

“I am always on the go. I need carby foods for long-lasting energy, but also whole, healthy snacks. Amazi provides me with both AND it keeps well for a long time. My favorites are the cinnamon plantain chips or the chili lime jackfruit chews- depending on if I'm in a sweet or savory mood.” 

Thanks for making us a part of your journey, Lauren!

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