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Meet our Farmers: Anita Ankonda

by Renee Dunn 11 Nov 2021
Meet our Farmers: Anita Ankonda

Absolutely glowing at our farmers meetings in October 2021, Anita showed up 9 months pregnant, and eager to be there nonetheless. I had the pleasure of interviewing her, and am excited to introduce her to you all!

NAME: Anita Ankonda

Role: Farmer in the Isingiro Farmers Group, a member for the past 2 years (since incorporation!)

Age: 29

Household: Mother of 4 children, and #5 is very much on the way. Oldest is 11 years old, and baby #5 is due in November (might already be a part of our world by the time you read this!)

What fruits do you grow? Jackfruit, avocado, passionfruit, mango, sweet plantain.

What does a day in your life look like? Wake up in the morning, pack some cold drinks for the day, leave to the garden. Midday comes back to help with lunch, and relaxes a bit until it's time to prepare supper (impressed that she goes to the field at all with a belly like that...)

What is the greatest challenge as a farmer? Digging is tiresome, and there isn't money to outsource. It's a lot of labor, and it's all on us.

What did you do with your sweet plantains before partnering with Amazi Foods? Used to trade some of it in small amounts to middlemen. 

What about now, through our partnership? Sweet plantain has helped a lot! I get excited whenever I get a call from your group. The money has helped me prepare for my baby, and reduces some stress in my life.

What have you been able to do with the extra income and higher prices from our partnership? I've invested it in my farming business, and have put aside a lot of it to help with the incoming addition to the family. Sometimes it helps me pay school fees for my other children, too!

What do you want to say to our US customers? I pray that you keep buying! Your support helps me at home, so don't stop buying plantains. Thank you! 

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