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Meet our Production Team: Isaiah Ssemitala

by Renee Dunn 12 Nov 2021
Meet our Production Team: Isaiah Ssemitala

Age: 24

Lives in: Zirobwe, 

How long working at the facility? 3 years almost working here, helped with construction first, enjoyed seeing the progress of it all!

Main Job: At first i was working with sorting, then they put me in palleting and loading containers, packaging.

Household: lives alone

Did you have a job before working here? Yes, selling different hardwares

How does this job compare?

The place has no problem! You feel free, like at home. We feel loved like the boss’s children and we work together as a team. 

What have you learned here? 

I learned how to stay with many people, behaving in society, how to work alongside others. 

Why do you like working here? 

The pay is good, too!

Favorite product: Ginger Lime Jackfruit! 

What’s unique about Amazi and the facility here? 

The way they handle the workers, they stay with you. They don’t just send you home if you’re sick and forget about you. They stay with you. They check in on you, if you’re still sick you can get some support from home, they might send pay early, so that you feel supported and they stick by you.

Why is a company like this important? What is the impact?

They’ve truly mobilized the area, everyone wants to work here! There are no other companies like Amazi, this is the best. You have the Chinese businesses building indsutry, too, but they don’t handle workers nicely. For us, the environment is amazing!

How did you feel when you first started?

I was so Happy!!!

What are you hoping to do with the increased income?

I use the extra income to reinvest - I know how to paint, I know how to build, so it allows me to have a little side business in carpentry. Have really picked up a lot of skills as a result.

Anything you want to say to our customers?

I just want to thank them for the support they have given us by buying our things! 

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