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Behind The Scenes


by Renee Dunn 01 Jan 2020

Jan 1, 2019, we declared a year of Manifestation and Execution - going beyond ideas, putting changes into action. And indeed, it was.

2019: a year of transformation and growing pains, of uprooting.⁠ It was an uncomfortable, vulnerable, messy year that required a lot of head-down time with our blinders on.

✨We participated in the Seed Spot impact accelerator, diving into the fundamentals and the gaps of our impact-rooted business model;
✨We transitioned from nights hand-packing in a commercial kitchen to working with a co-packer;
✨We broke ground on our very own production facility in Uganda, bringing industry, electricity, and market opportunities to Zirobwe, Uganda - a community that did not have any such access previously. Training a new team, building new partnerships with farming communities, and further improving our QC standards and recipes.
✨We moved toward our goal of fueling purpose NATIONWIDE - navigating national distribution and launching to Sprouts Farmers Market.

As we continue trudging through in 2020, our vision is to move beyond sheer execution. We aim to be proactive and hungry, focusing not only on making the big changes happen, but to set the bar higher - to fine-tune, iterate, and improve our approach. Shifting our focus from the internal to the external - eyes open, eager to learn and stay curious.⁠

We aim to 💥ELEVATE💥

✨Aggressively continuing to overhaul our logistics in an effort to reach a more accessible price to you.
✨Honing in on internal company structure and culture, building our internal communication to reflect our external: clutter-free and purpose-driven!
✨Cultivating community, building out perks through our newsletter program, creating an easier customer experience, opening ourselves up to more opportunities for feedback, and challenging ourselves to thinking-out-of-the-box when it comes to how we can better fuel YOUR purpose and help you elevate.
✨Truly recognizing where we can increase our impact and improve sustainability so that you can faithfully and proudly #SnackonPurpose as we move toward B Corp certification and beyond.

Here’s to 2020 and ELEVATING together.

With love,⁠

Renee⁠ & The Amazi Team

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