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Our Commitment: Continuing the Conversation

by Renee Dunn 08 Jun 2020
Our Commitment: Continuing the Conversation


This past week's amplification of the Black Lives Matter movement across the country is not a sudden or isolated event. Racism is not new, and the conversation isn't either. As a result, the solution is not a quick fix. It's not a single company wide email, a week of quieting social media, or making a one time donation.

We see the current call to action as long-term. What will this look like after this news cycle? What will this look like after the black squares on our instagram feeds have disappeared?

Our challenge and opportunity as a small business is to think about how we will integrate antiracism and principles of equity into the fabric of our brand. This work should not be separate from our daily work as a business. We must uphold our commitments to both our business's social mission, and to stepping up our mindset, shifting our culture, learning continuously. And this post is a statement statement of accountability. 

Personally, I have purchased and begun reading anti-racist books and workshops by Black authors and creators; I have been bolder in my conversations - challenging even those I love to discuss our perceptions of race and acknowledging our blind spots; I have attended protests and raised money.

At Amazi, we will continue compiling BIPOC resources and content to share on our social media channels and newsletters - in the hopes that you will click through, read, listen, and learn with us. We will ensure we continue featuring BIPOC in our marketing, partnering with minority owned business and vendors whenever possible, and as we grow our business, ensuring we are building a diverse team. 

Beyond that, as my brilliant friend Jillian put it, we at Amazi have an AMAZING opportunity to incorporate Black Lives Matter into the fabric of our company. It's a natural alignment, given our global supply chain, with roots in East Africa. We have so many incredible, diverse people to highlight - from Uganda to the US - who help grow, supply, prepare, and package our products. We get to elevate these voices, highlight their culture, and create a connection that goes beyond a package of snacks.

Our business has the chance not only to question our personal actions on a daily basis, but also to concretely cement our mission to support global black culture. After all, my goal has always been to share how we do what we do, who we partner with, and the impact of a more connected supply chain. We aim to be a connection, a means of creating further opportunity for our teams in Uganda, and I know I can do a better job at bringing this to the center of what we do. We are so fortunate to have the chance as a young company to integrate this into the core of our culture.

I invite everyone to find ways to continue amplifying and cultivating both your personal missions and the higher call to support antiracist efforts - that is the only path toward sustainability.

We may stumble, but we are committed to finding a way to integrate the two - because that is what alignment and consciousness look like. They cannot be separate.

With love,


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