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The Adventures of Amazi: Fall 2019

by Sales Team 11 Dec 2019
The Adventures of Amazi: Fall 2019

Oh, the places we went!

From the wild cityscapes of Washington D.C. to the frosty Shenandoah Mountains, I had my trusty snack by my side. 



To cap off a wholesome Fall season here in the D.C. area, my adventure of choice was a camping trip on the brink of a frosty winter! I just so happened to be camping on the grounds of Cobbler Mountain Cidery, which served as a nice pairing to my jackfruit chews



The camping menu went as follows:

2 Beyond Meat sausages roasted over the fire hot-dog style

Fajitas pan-fried with some VERY chilled salsa (thank you, winter)

Salted coconut oil plantain chips for dipping (duh)



What else did I use them for? (I knew you were going to ask)

-They were my go-to snack for in-between classes

-Fuel for my yoga practice

-A well-earned break from rock climbing

-A healthy pairing to my evening glass of wine 

-Emergency dog treats 

Where will Amazi go next? If you want to submit your adventures, please email to be featured!

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