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Behind The Scenes

Us vs. Them

by Renee Dunn 01 Aug 2019
Us vs. Them

These days all-natural, clean and healthy products are taking over the food world. We know that we aren’t the only brand of healthy and clean snacks that you see
on your grocery store shelves.

BUT - we do know that we are striving for more than our competitors.

Some other companies like to use refined oils, palm oil or additives in their plantain chips…


Others deep fry them, which takes away health benefits! Here at Amazi, we always keep our ingredient list under 5 items and we dry and roast our
plantains. We can give you a healthy, tasty (and better!) product.

hands holding different Amazi snack products

What else makes Amazi stand out? Three reasons: Health, Versatility, and our Mission.

Our products at Amazi Foods are Healthy, Versatile, and connect to a larger Mission. Our label is clean and we are allergen friendly. We have a myriad of flavors and textures, such as our Cinnamon Plantain Chips, which are sweet and crunchy, or our Chili Lime Jackfruit Chews which pack a punch! Our diversity of flavor means that you can pick up some sweet Plantains for your
child’s afternoon snack, throw some into your favorite brownie recipe or grab a handful of Jackfruit Chews for a post workout treat.

We also care about something much larger than

health food trends: we are also committed to our Mission of supporting sustainable supplychains in Uganda through Direct Trade. (Not sure what that is? Head over to our blog post on Direct Trade to learn more!) Because we keep all of our production in Uganda, we help to create jobs and bolster local industries. Buying a pack of Amazi goods gives you a delectable snack, while also giving back to Ugandan communities. And that sounds pretty good to us.

That’s why we use the phrase “Snack on Purpose”. Join us in our “Snack on Purpose”
movement – and pick up some Amazi goodies for your friends and family!

Want to learn more? Head over to our Amazi FAQ.

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