Green Goddess Salad

Not sure about you, but the thing I struggle with most is the WFH lunchtime pinch. 

This quick, no-cook vegan lunch is a wonderful, colorful plate you can throw together in minutes - and fix to your own preferences. 

Whether you stick with the vegan ranch dressing or would prefer a homemade zesty vinaigrette, we're sure the crunch of our sweet and salty plantain chips and fresh veggies is sure to make your midday mouth smile. 

By Ariana Lyn

🥑 1 avocado⁠
🥑 cilantro @bitchinsauce ⁠(or blend your own cilantro sauce with some olive oil, garlic, salt, and walnuts!)
🥑 salted olive oil Amazi plantain chips ⁠(the KEY ingredient) ⁠
🥑 dairy-free vegan cheese⁠ (your choice of brand!)
🥑 handful of pistachios ⁠

We recommend this salad with vegan ranch, avocado dressing, or one of your favorites.

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